Hello, Delightful Humans!

Hello, you’ve found the website of El Anderson, freelance comic editor.


Looking for an editor? You should hire me! I’ll help make your comic awesome, and if I know me, I probably have plenty of time to work with you. Just shoot me an email or use the form below, and we’ll talk. Don’t worry, I hardly ever bite.

If you are looking for one of my Twitter monologues on female gaze, Star Wars, or the problems with Superman’s underpants, you can find those over here.

A rather long list of many delightful kid-friendly comics I made a few years back is located on this page. Check it out, you may find something you will like!

Wondering if our paths will cross at a convention this year? I don’t get out much, I’m afraid, but I will keep this page updated with cons I know I will be attending.

Curious about where the name ‘Femmes in the Fridge’ came from? I wrote a little blurb over here.