Hello, Welcome to Femmes in the Fridge!

If you are curious about where the name came from, I wrote a little blurb over here.

This was once an organization dedicated to helping women and girls engage in geek culture. Sadly, the organization is no more, but the name and goals live on in the founder, El Anderson, who continues to talk everyone’s ears off via the Femmes in the Fridge Twitter account.

Parents and/or Comic Newcomers!

Welcome to comics! We are a confusing, geeky hobby, but we like, and we are glad you are here too!

You can find a list of recommended comics for kids & teens here.
I’m happy to answer questions about what I judge to be kid-safe, where to start reading, what the heck is going on in superhero books, or how comics people find or order their comics.


Trust me, There is no such thing as a dumb question when it comes to comics, because if you try to take a hobby that includes a frog with a tiny hammer running a forensic science laboratory completely seriously, your problems are bigger than feeling a little silly.